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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coffee Corner

I should be working on homework, but I find myself paralyzed with... I'm not sure what word I need here, but I just can't seem to get motivated to start my paper. I don't even know what I'm supposed to write about. I think it is a Critical Analysis paper, I know it's worth 10 points, and I'm pretty sure it's due tonight. I get so lost in the UOP online class, right now I can't even locate the Class Syllabus. I suppose this is what it feels like to be overwhelmed. So instead of homework for class, today I did some Home work in the kitchen. I was in the mood to clean today, so I emptied this little spot of all stuff we didn't need on it, and also hung up my souvenir from Olvera St. I got the tile piece there, too. Thinking about re-decorating the kitchen in those brilliant colors, especially the cobalt blue. Not there's much RE-decorating to do, I'm not realy sure what the current decorating theme in the kitchen is! I am planning something BIG tho, for the dining room. I have a vision of getting bench-seating installed in the dining room, with storage space underneath. Cubby-hole cabinets with door-fronts along one length, and flip-up seat bench on the other length. It would not be too difficult for someone with carpentry experience and the right tools. So, I'm thinking about it, and want to price it out, so that one day before 2011 is over I can get it done. And, I lined two cabinets with new shelf-liner, and tossed two trash-bags of "give aways" into the back of the van. Besides a bagfull of regular trash. Feels good to toss stuff out!!

Here's a photo of my nice clean, cleared-of-clutter, counter with my wonderful coffee machine Mark got me for Christmas a couple years ago. Travis and I love it! Mark keeps us well-stocked in K-cups, too. My favorite is Donut House Decaf. When Travis makes his coffee, the house smells so good! He likes gourmet flavors, like Butter toffee or Southern pecan. In this picture is my favorite coffee mug, that Eileen sent me. She saw it in a gift shop on her trip to Canada over winter, and knew I just had to have it! She's the best little Sis a girl could have! Well, now that I've gotten this off my chest, I guess I should buckle-up and hunker-down and get to getting my real homework done!

I Love L.A!

#511 @ 1855 Industrial, with a view of the city. Oh, this is what I dream of owning someday!
This one is a short-sale for only $249,000.00, a very good deal for this location!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I often wonder what it would be like to describe a sunset to a blind person, who has never been sighted. And then to describe it to someone who was sighted, but is blind later in life.

The sunset here tonight was cold and blocked by boisterous, billowy clouds. The darkness fell fast from the sky. The clouds are bright and white, backlit with the sun's powerful light. Blue sky peeks in between the fluffy shapes, some grey with moisture ready to erupt. It is not like my favorite sunset, which is in no hurry, with Mr. Sun taking a leisurely stroll down memory lane. He is hesitant to drop beneath the horizon. On his journey, he brings with him the pastel shades of baby blue, like a robin's egg. Then comes the yellow-ish pastel pink, like an orange julius slushy drink from the mall. And finally, when the diamond-like shining stars begin to twinkle, the glow of dusk sets in, and the frogs start their chorus.

But then I pause and wonder if a blind person knows what a robin's egg looks like, or what color is an orange julius?