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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Optical Illusion?

Do you see what I see? No cars! Normally there are two cars parked next to the curb, unless the guys are out job-hunting. This week both Travis and his buddy Steve got jobs! Yesterday when I returned from an errand, I was thrilled at the realization that they both got jobs! It was refreshing to see no cars parked in front of the house in the afternoon. There was a delightful calming feeling that THEY GOT JOBS! They've both been working at job-hunting heavily for about one month. When Travis was home on lunch-break on his first day, he got a phone call from another place he applied. He told them he recently was hired elsewhere, and they asked him if his friend Steve is still interested. Steve was on the phone at the time with his family, and I told him to end his call because he had to call this job prospect! It was rude of me to interrupt his phone call, and I really don't like when someone does that to me. But there was a job on the line here!! Travis started his new job on Wednesday, and today he got another call-back for yet another (#3) job he applied for. The job he has is better than the other two he has had to turn down, but he is willing to pick up a second job if his current schedule permits. Steve's job is going to fit in perfectly with his school schedule when he returns to Cal-State next month.