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Friday, May 11, 2012

Santa Monica in February

Kent, Ingolf (Jeldrik's brother), Jeldrik, Lacyjean, Travis

Mark at Santa Monica Pier ~ such a great photo from my Droid2!
Jeldrik, Lacyjean, Nolan, Kent, Ingolf, Travis at  Venice Beach

Travis and Jeldrik ~ Venice Beach

Lacyjean at Santa Monica Pier

Bev at Santa Monica Pier

Early morning run with my sister on Santa Monica Beach
Someone said, "So much can be done in so little time at convention." There were many good things shared, one was "Me staying behind is not going to help another go forward." And that God gives us fresh bread daily, as we seek it. It's good to read convention notes, but we need to get fresh bread daily. Thinking of the workers who haven't been to Buttonwillow, but are part of the "frenzied craze, sowing one's life as seed." ***please don't post any of these pictures on facebook*** thank you. Enjoy
Bev and Fern, photo taken by Sandy Smith
Standing near corner of meeting tent near flagpole. White building is the kitchen.

Camping in the alfalfa field.

Looking down the driveway towards Wasco Way (flagpole).

Tiki huts for shade. It was pleasant weather for week one. I hear week two is over 90 degrees.

This is the tent we set up for Steven. He came up Friday evening with Travis, Troy and Kelsey. He was pretty thrilled to be at his first convention experience.

Sunrise hitting the Buttonwillow Barn.

Kitchen from the other side.