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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Band Awards

Saturday May 7, 2011... yes, that was Buttonwillow I convention, and yes, we were there for half of the convention. But the Band had the year-end pot-luck and Awards night on Saturday, and so we had to leave Buttonwillow and get to Oak Hills High School by 5pm. We got home at 4pm, I jumped in the shower, and by 4:35 Troy and I were at the school. I had some stuff to give to the director for the ceremony, and I grabbed my mail. While I was going through the mail, I came across a letter from Verizon Cybergrants. Yes, the check finally came! Verizon matched my 50 volunteer hours for 2010 with a check for $750.00!

 The pot-luck was a success, and I was so glad for other boosters who took charge and got everything set up, and made coffee, and decorated. There was a mad dash to re-arrange the seating, because the wrong size tables were set up. Balloons lined the PAC, and the crepe-paper ribbons from the previous night's event (cheerleading banquet) were still in tact.

Mr. Sherrodd - director, awarded the boosters first. He recognized and thanked those core folks who give selflessly of their time, energy, money, etc., and the board officers received a framed photo of the band and all the kid's signatures.

The boosters presented the Booster's Choice award. Cristian Rivas is a humble recipient, saying that it is everyone's efforts that make the band a success. He went to each booster involved and thanked them. This was a first-ever award, which will continue in future years.

Turn sideways!  Troy...Junior Class band member of the year.

Booster's Choice Award

Student awards were followed by a video of the past year, which Mrs. Sherrodd put together. The student leaders were recognized, as well as the County Honor Band students. Troy got the Junior Class band member of the year award, and also the Jazz member of the year award (there are 14 in the jazz band, including a few seniors). Then he was awarded Trumpet section leader, and Brass captain for next year, 2011-2012 (his senior year)!! Here are a few photos of my boy. I'm so thrilled for him, I know he has worked so hard, and he really wanted Brass Captain. Now, if only he'd get a haircut!!

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day...#20 A relaxing day with my boys/men. These Hallmark holidays are awkward for me. Well, most holidays are awkward for me, but especially those that focus on me. I don't like to be fussed over...Mother's Day, my birthday, our anniversary, I guess I"m embarrassed for having all the attention. I mean, really, Mother's Day? I'm a mother 365 days a year, and my children are mine every day, and they treat me with respect and they love me and I love them, to the moon and back! Travis and Troy give me gifts by getting along well with each other, by doing chores, and by performing well in school. They are both easy to please, and don't ask for much. Whenever they ask for something, it usually has to do with music... valve oil for Troy's trumpet, guitar picks for Travis. I am honored to be their mother, and grateful to God that He entrusted me with their care. I'm not up for Mother-of-the-Year award, and you won't read about me in Good Housekeeping, but I love being Mom to these two young men. Travis and Troy got me this cute card...from my other 'son' too, Gus the cat. I took a few pictures of Gus while he was sunning himself. He just had to be laying on top of the hand-made lace table cloth that my mother-in-law made. Take a look... silly cat! (I don't know how to rotate this picture of the card... but just look at it sideways.)