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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chicken, Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Taters

I am not ashamed or too proud to say that I am not a very good cook. Mark does most of the cooking around here, and Travis also likes to cook. Travis makes home-made healthy meals to to put in the freezer and take to work. Tonight I made a successful dinner without breaking anything or burning anything, so that's a good day in my book!!

Thanks to finding this recipe on Pinterest,, I tried making Brussels Sprouts again. The neighborhood 99cent Store has a fantastic selection of produce which changes frequently. Yesterday we bought some Brussels Sprouts which were larger than any I had ever seen, so I wondered if they would be tough or bitter or worse than usual. After reading Griffin's Grub blog about the many health benefits of Brussels Sprouts, I jumped in with both feet and made this tasty dish. I figure that any memory of a bad Brussels Sprout will be erased with the many health benefits. This recipe helps keep the bitterness at bay and I found this to be very tasty. The rest of the household has not ventured into the area of Brussels Sprouts. The best thing is, this did not make the house stink, like last time I tried to make them.

The chicken part of dinner is also from Pinterest, from Elaine Peterson, via this website: It is so easy, and it came out very moist. I added some shallots (because I bought some at the 99cent Store) inside the chicken. I also made homemade chicken gravy after I took the chicken out of the crockpot. Mashed potatoes rounded out the meal.