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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hesperia Town Has Mountain Views, Too!

Looking West towards the Los Angeles National Forest and Wrightwood
 I took a walk the other day. It was Wednesday,  my day off from work, since I work Saturday this week. I was anxious, and although there was much to do around the house, I really wanted to work on my furniture. There are three more chairs that need my attention, but I am out of steel-wool and I don't have any upholstery staples for the staple gun.
Edison sub-station on the left, residential water retention basin on the right.
 I thought about driving to the new Super-Walmart, and immediately got more anxious. I changed my mind about going to Walmart. In fact, I changed my mind ab out driving anywhere, thinking about the recent spike in gas prices ($4.69/gallon). That's when it occurred to me that the .99 Cents Store may have the items I'm looking for! "It's a nice day for a walk, I will walk up there and get my things, and soon be in my happy place in the garage working on my chairs!"

In twenty minutes I was at my destination. "Oh, look, there's pumpkins! Cute, medium-to-small sized pumpkins, the popular orange squash of the season! I will grab two of those!" (oh, wait... I'm walking, and I don't think I want to carry these all the way home--put the pumpkins back).
Better view of Wrightwood Mountains
 I searched for those items I wanted, and hard as I looked, they still did not magically appear! Up and down the aisles I went, and nothing.

But, there were a few things that managed to jump into my cart. I saw a bike lock. Need that, because later in the day I had an appointment about four miles away, and I could ride my bike, if only I had a lock for it! Done!
Looking West
 Packaging tape - need that! I have a few books to mail from the program. (the tape is inferior quality, won't buy that again! Must have 3M label on it to be superior quality tape).

And I know none of these pictures relate to this story yet, but hang in there. I will bring it all together.
Looking South-East towards Big Bear and San Bernardino National Forest
 Epsom salt bath for  a family member who needs it - check! Two bags, please! (small enough to carry). Eggs on sale, (only ONE per customer, please). And there's these nifty flat door-knob protector pads for the walls! I only need three, but they come two in a pack. So much stuff I didn't know I needed! What was I looking for? That's right, steel-wool and upholstery staples... nary a one in sight!
 Checked out, packed the eggs on top wrapped in a few plastic bags, and put them on top of the items in my knap-sack. (There's an interesting word. It is carried on the back. Why is it called "knap-sack?" What is a knap? Does your mind work like mine? Wandering around, curious about words, wondering their origin? Knowing that if I start researching it I will have to call in absent to work because I need to finish this research?).

I left the store, and I was walking "gingerly" so as not to disturb the eggs. I really didn't walk home, but I strolled home at a very leisurely pace. I was surrounded by blue skies and fluffy clouds. (ok, so now we're getting to the pictures). In fact, I walked and wandered so slowly that it took me three times as long to get home. I wasn't going to be working on my chairs, so I had plenty of time.
my shadow
Joshua Trees

 This is taking longer than I budgeted for, so really quickly these remaining pictures are Joshua trees, which I think are very pretty in their own way. They are a protected species, but not so loved. There was a bird on one of them-- can you find it?

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 The housing tract we live in is adjacent to this beautiful desert. I love living here, although I dream of a day when I can live in the valley of some "real" mountains.
 By the time I got here, the wind was picking up. There went my plans for riding my bike to the chiropractor! It's probably for my own good, being that it has only been six weeks since I fell off the ladder. I don't need to tempt fate!

 Bob and Carol have a cute Minnie-Winnie, new model. They are good neighbors! She retired from GTE, the company who hired me.
 Mark keeps the yard looking great! My friend asked me recently if she could have the name of our gardener!
And one more of the mountains -- looking over the culverts that cross over the California Aqueduct -- another wonderful place to walk!

I hope you liked these pictures. Enjoy the life around you!!