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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"When Did You Get Middle-Aged?!" (or, "Summer Visit With My Brother")

Laughter...the best medicine!

Do my eyebrows need a trim?

los padres

"the girls"

Fern, Bev and Richard

Nolan, Troy, Travis, Kent and Uncle Richard

The week started at 3:15am at the airport. I had plans for a huge gathering to meet Ricardo at the airport, but his flight was delayed 6 hours. When Mark and I got there at 3:15am, we were met by three night-owls who stayed up to greet Ricardo! We got home, and Ricardo took a nap, while Mark and I went to work. What happened next, I'm not sure, but it was awful nice spending time with my brother! Let's see, there was a Saturday full of errands then Spaghetti and meatball dinner at our house, Sunday morning meeting in Apple Valley, gospel meeting in Colton, dinner at John and Fern's. Tuesday, Fern and I took Richard to Bakersfield, and we stopped at the Tehachapi Loop. And another wonderful visit with some wonderful folks. Wednesday, another lunch date (Indian food, this time! at Ravi's in Colton) and gospel meeting that evening...where we said "Adios!" and Richard left that night. All in all, a wonderful whirl-wind visit!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Troy is really good at playing the trumpet. I love to hear him practice. He is the section-leader at the high school band. He shares that spot with Bradley, a senior this year. Troy was given the choice of who to place in First Chair, and he gave that honor to Bradley this year.  He could have easily assigned himself to First Chair, but he told me that since Bradley is a senior, he should have it. Troy just returned from Trumpet lessons, and the man we bought this trumpet from says he misses it!

Morning coffee at Soquel - July 2010

What happened to summer?

Where did all the hot weather go? Thursday was so hot, and today it feels like fall! I hope summer returns very soon! 

This is my start of a new blog, in hopes that I can stay connected with my family, wherever they live... in this house, in this town, in the next town, the next state, and all around the world!

This month we have celebrated so many Birthdays!! Ed M.'s is on August 1st, then mine on the 2nd, Lacy's on the 10th (same as Lily's), Jenna's and Jordan's are somewhere in there, and Clint's, Nolan's was on Friday, and Caily's today.

So, let's see if I can post some photos on here, without the help of the children!