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Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Sitting in the Lazy-Boy recliner, I’m surrounded by my youngest son’s drum-kit, which is presently taking up the living room. This kit is the one item he purchased for himself when he graduated from high school in 2012. Troy is a magnificent trumpet-player, but he is starting to navigate his way around the drums. He has rhythm, and can keep the beat, which is much more than I can say for myself! Believe, me, I’ve tried. I enjoyed listening to Troy and Travis jamming together this week, Travis on guitar and Troy on the drums. There have been some impromptu, unscripted sessions of blues/rock from these talented young men, and a few others, in our home. This week both of them are home since Troy is on winter break from college, and Travis has five days off from work.

On Saturday, December 28th, Troy leaves for ten days overseas. He is travelling with the Riverside City College Marching Tigers, and will be performing at the London New Year’s Day Parade 2014, and also at the Calabata de Reyes Parade on January 5th in Madrid, Spain. This is a trip of a lifetime, and since seeing the itinerary this week, I really wish I was going! I am very glad for Troy to have this opportunity!

I realized recently there will be three of the cousins overseas at the same time when Troy goes to London. My niece Lacy was here for a month, and she and her husband returned home to Germany last Monday, December 16th. The next day, my niece Jenna left for Saipan for three months, studying biology. And Troy leaves this coming weekend. I am thrilled for each of them, because of their adventurous spirit they can travel to new places and experience other cultures, making memories to last a lifetime.

As for myself, I am on the brink of something new, and different, and possibly going back to something I’ve done before. Time will tell, and in just a few weeks I will know the answer, at which time I can be specific. But for now I need to remain ambiguous and mysterious. Let me just say, the past 16 years have been challenging in regards to how I earn a paycheck, but I have no regrets. Sometimes, taking a step backwards is moving forward, and sometimes it is time to act on faith, rather than just say it. Sometimes, reduction equates to healthy living. Sometimes, enough is enough. Sometimes, my own expectations keep me enslaved to what I think I must do, rather than releasing myself from such unreasonable expectations and living a life which is free and balanced. There is a photo my brother Fredee posted on his facebook page recently, which sums up what I am trying to say. Why? Because of what happens next. This little girl on the swing is going to jump off that swing any minute, and she is going to land on her feet. This little girl in the read cap is me.