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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo journal of the Epic Road Trip (Music, History, Food and Family) June 21-28, 2011

Troy and me at the Dallas Airport, waiting for rental car shuttle. The week-long roadtrip is about to begin!

Our first trip through Dallas, trying to get out of town before the rain. Made it to Bossier City, LA the first night.


Rest stop in west Texas.

The next day we left Bossier City, stopped in West Monroe, LA for sandwich makings and got gas in the van, and went to Vicksburg, MS. 

Mississippi River at Vicksburg, MS.

Fern and Bev

Travis, Nolan and Troy.

Troy, Mark, Bev and Travis.

From Vicksburg, we drove north on the Blues Highway. Stopped at Clarksdale, MS to take this picture. It has some musical significance, a guy stopped here and made a deal with the devil, wanting to make it big in music.

Some other music guy lived here.

And a bunch of music guys cut records here.

Shiloh... my favorite stop on our journey.

Nashville, TN. That white van across the street is our rental car. Parked right in front of Tootsie's!!

Mom and Dad got us two nights at this B&B in Richmond, KY. The Bennett House. Rita Smart (House of Representatives, Frnakfort, KY and her husband run this place).

Someday we will own this store. Elvis the cat currently resides here, with Hailey the dog. Main St., Richmond, KY.

At Corky's on John's birthday, Memphis, TN, on the return trip.

The back-seat monkeys scarfing down John's birthday apple-cobbler.

Downtown Dallas.

On our 26th wedding anniversary. My cousin Bonnie got married here. 


Nolan jumped so high he jumped right out of the frame!!
4th Saturday in June ~ Richmond, Kentucky

Sweet fellowship, Kentucky style ~ Mom and Dad, Elizabeth and Jesse Barker and "Uncle" JB Meadors

My neice Christiana and her daughter Kylee came down from Northern Kentucky (2 hour drive!) to spend the day with us. Kylee is three, and very, very smart.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday #3 in June 2011


Second Saturday in June 2011

 Beautiful flowers for a lovely wedding... Kristina and Dustin Holgersen

Aunt Meredith, Bev, cousin Don, cousin Bonnie, Fern

Grandma Gertrude and Grandpa Harry, with Chad Rudolph

Grandma Meredith and Jeremy Holgersen

Larry Ross and Kristina Ross... the new Mrs. Holgersen!

Garrett, deputized for a day...witness for a lifetime.

Three couples mentioned: Adam and Eve, David and Abigail, Aquila and Priscilla.

New tradition... enduring love.                                                                                              

My cousin's son got married last weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony. Kristina is an only-daughter and is so in love with Dustin! Dustin's dad is my cousin on my dad's side.His Grandma Gertrude on his mother's side is a close friend of mine, so Dustin calls me "Auntie-cousin." It was nice to witness this union, and the blending of traditions. The wedding ceremony was very nice, and Scott B. spoke (a gospel meeting, really!). The reception was fun and filled with many "big church" traditions. The food was great, and lots of cookies! Dustin and Kristina beamed with joy!