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Friday, January 2, 2015

Kitchen Organization 101

Today I got up to my elbows in organizing the kitchen! What may appear as a simple task to some, is a daunting task to me! I am so happy with the result!
I found an acrylic bread-keeper with humidity control knob to keep bread fresh. I scrubbed the toaster, counter, fruit-basket cookie jar (where we keep sugar), and the Keebler Elves cookie jar (tea bags).

Next, I spent time on the spice cupboard. I thought, "Here are these little bottles, taking up 'floor space' in their shelf in the cabinet, and there's all this 'air space' above them. Surely there's a way to stack these puppies in a tier system so they can be organized!" Sure enough, I found a three-tier rack stacker thingy...score!
Bottom shelf, spices all standing in a three-tiered shelf from Target. Shelf #2 has a lazy-susan holding oil, vinegar, pam, etc. plus a couple of the larger spice containers (garlic powder, onion flakes).

While I was busy cleaning the cabinets, I also cleaned the Keurig coffee maker. I have the big one. I found this awesome video here (click here>>) How to Clean a Keurig

I spent about $35.00 but then returned about $13.00 on two items I did not use. I went to Target, Ross and Marshall's.

Here is a picture of all the goodies I found today. The brown rack is the three-tiered rack I used for the spices. It's funny how when living disorganized we end up with duplicates of things. I was able to condense two bottles of red wine vinegar and also two containers of cayenne pepper. I also discovered the peppercorn had spilled in the cabinet!

The next cabinet that required some TLC was the plate cabinet...which is shared with the pills and vitamins. This corner rack for the plates is the most impressive thing!! I use assorted plates. I have a few old vintage plates. And a few from a set we got at Montgomery Wards (remember that store?!)...and a few stoneware plates I picked up at the Victor Valley Rescue Mission Thrift Store. The entire stack is very heavy, and now with this three tier system I can easily grab the one I want.

I really like the three-stack storage unit for organizing Mark's medicine. The top unit has dividers, and the second and third are free-form.

Over the past few days, I have been working on the pantry. I like to use deep, rectangle Tupperware containers to store thing. I have envelopes of things, like gravy mix and onion soup mix in one. I also have sauces, salad dressing, and b-b-q sauces in another.
It is not cedar lined or filled with home-canned garden goodies, but it is now a nicely organized and inventoried pantry!
I previously stored potatoes under the sink, but...there's a leak (a whole 'nother story) so now I keep them on the bottom shelf of the pantry in the blue crate/tub from Target which was laying around not being used. The paper grocery bags are next to the potatoes. 

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